Tips for choosing a good password

August 28, 2009
Is the password you use a proper name, place or word in the dictionary? If yes, your password can easily be hacked and your account security and your identity may be at risk.

One common method of hacking called a dictionary attack.
The term dictionary attack refers to the use of a computer to attempt unauthorized account login by ‘trying’ with passwords from a dictionary list. Hundreds of thousands of passwords can be tested in several hours.
Dictionary attacks can be avoided by choosing a good secure password. How can you create a good password a good password?
The password should not be a proper name or place or a word in the dictionary. The password should be 8 or more characters with at least 2 non-alphabetic characters. Also important, do not share your password with others. (NOTE: do not use symbols in your password as these can cause problems for some servers.)
Here is a fun way to choose a secure and easy to remember password. Take a phrase that only you would remember and create a password from that phase. Let’s try it:
  • For my coffee today a latte = 4mc2dal
  • My dog is 12 but still strong = mdi12bss
  • I love pasta I eat for two = ilpi842
  • My grandchildren are 3 – Jennifer plus two boys = mgr3jp2b
  • U2 is my favorite group for now = u2imfg4n
  • 2009 is graduation for me = 2009ig4m
Passwords should not be convenient as it means they are convenient for others to guess as well. Most login dialogue boxes protect you by masking all password data, but you should play it safe and choose a secure password to help protect yourself from account theft.